Stiff Peaks

An indulgent journey into baking

Chocolate Malt Cupcakes

Yes yes, it has been a while. Don’t worry, I’ve still been baking but nothing interesting enough to post about. But, now I had a craving. All I can say is, I really hope you like malt…

Quick Post: Caramac Croissant Bake

Ah, Tasty, you tempt me with your indulgent videos. So this was my attempt at the croissant bake.

Recipe adapted from Buzzfeed: Here’s What Happens When You Combine Croissants, Chocolate, And Cream Cheese

Success Rate: 4/10

Much like the extensive comments point out, this recipe seems suspiciously impossible. The quantities on the video differ from the written post, and it seems impossible to ensure the croissant stays lining the bottom of the pan! However, the end result is still heavenly, and quite edible if you stick to the video recipe instructions. I’m not sure I’d attempt it again though.

Quick Post: Champagne and Clotted Cream Truffles

This recipe contains all the Cs, and in the best possible combination.

Recipe adapted from Proper Tasty: Prosecco And Clotted Cream Truffles

Success Rate: 8/10

Phew, working closely to this much chocolate was a serious challenge, but it was well worth the emotional distress. I substituted Prosecco for Champagne for maximum alliteration! It’s just really, really, really messy and you really do need to be patient when letting the truffle mixture cool in the fridge.

Grasshopper Brownies

I do love a good brownie. And now that my chocolate abstinence has ended after a year, I felt like making a piece of chocolate indulgence. Enter the Grasshopper Brownie.