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Homemade Tulip Cases

It’s only in the last year or two that they’ve become widespread in supermarkets, but these days you’ll find ‘Tulip Cases’ on the shelf, and at extortionate prices! They’re actually incredibly simple to make and well worth a little time, to save you a lot of money if you like making muffins. They might not be as precise and perfect as those in the supermarket but they’ll do the job with a dash of rustic charm.

For this you will simply need:

  • Your muffin tin of choice
  • A glass that can fit neatly inside the tin
  • Some greaseproof paper
  • Scissors or a guillotine if you’re lucky

I don’t know where or how I found it, but you can buy pre-cut sheets of greaseproof paper, and these are ideal as they’re nearly square in size. No matter if you can’t find them though, normal rolls will do fine. Just aim to have each ‘square’ to be roughly 40cm long. You should then fold each sheet lengthwise and then widthwise so the sheet is a quarter of its original size.

Next you’ll need to cut your folded sheet. If you have a guillotine then this part will be a breeze, otherwise you’ll want to cut along both the folded edges to liberate 4 square-like sheets. This process doesn’t have to be precise, as we’re aiming for a rustic look anyway.

Next you’ll need to take your glass (or similarly shaped object) to mold the sheet of greaseproof paper. Simply line up the center of the sheet with the glass, make a ring with your finger and thumb and push down the glass until the paper has wrapped itself into the shape of the cup.

It might take a little practice to get used to but you’ll get a shape that’s roughly right. You may want to trim the points after you’ve filled the cases, lest they catch on the ceiling of your oven.

Now… it may not look amazing right there, but once your muffin has filled it out and shaped it, it’ll look the part!